Digital Manasi More

Digital Manasi More is a well known Digital Marketer in Goregaon, Mumbai

Digital Manasi More | digital marketer in Goregaon,Mumbai

Digital Marketer in Goregaon, Mumbai

Digital Manasi More is a digital marketer in Goregaon,  Mumbai. She is been doing digital marketing for the last 2 years and has great experience in this field.

Her techniques and strategies of digital marketing have helped people to grow their business online through various platforms. Being in Goregaon, Mumbai she also provides services all over the globe. 

Work Experience

2021- Digital Marketer

2021 – Digital Marketing Manager at Dgmark Agency

2021 – Digital Marketing Intern at Dgmark Agency 

Educational Qualification

2020 – Advanced Digital Marketing Course from DGmark Institute

2021 – Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from JM Patel College Mumbai

2019 – MS CIT from CTI Institute 

Websites by Digital Manasi More

As a digital marketer based in Goregaon, Mumbai she has vast knowledge in terms of website development Her creative ideas of making websites make any website look more attractive and helps to drag quality visitors.


Working with Digital Manasi More was one the best experience for me. She has numerous of creative ideas and a problem tackling mindset.

Rohan Thakur

While working with the agency she has shown best of her capabilities and had helped Dgmark with various projects and strategies related to those projects.

Dgmark Agency

Digital Manasi More has one of the most updated knowledge of digital marketing. Co-operation with her in terms of digital marketing was highly satisfying.

Digital Chandan

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